This handbook is written by volunteers for all those in the community who have the interest and energy to help maintain walking tracks in natural, often remote areas.
These areas present most opportunities for walking, and tracks there have the greatest need for improved routing and regular maintenance.
Emphasis is therefore laid on achieving the Australian Standard 2156 Class 3 criteria of maximum 6 track grades and cross-track drainage.
Environmental impact, which is of particular concern in areas of high conservation value, is thus minimised.
The work methods described are well within the ability of most of those who use tracks and trails for recreation.
Only natural materials from the site are used to avoid introduction of pests, diseases and foreign geological material.
Many volunteers would already be able to use the power tools described herein. Others who are interested can undertake free training courses.
The opportunities for even a modest contribution to sustainability are boundless.
This handbook is provided gratis or by donation; enquiries to the address on