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Preferred tools
A Light track scraper, 2 mm thick blade, (1.3 kg)
B Crowbar (4.5 kg)
C Heavy track scraper, 7 mm thick blade (3 kg)
Use tools safely
Hand Tools
hand tools need to be in good repair, with sharp blades. Use sensibly
carry a tool sharp side down or secure in backpack
work at least a tool length from next person
if passing others, announce yourself and get an acknowledgment
lay unused tools on the uphill side, handles pointing down
grubbers, mattocks, axes, fire rake-hoes - all readily available
long handled shears, pruning saw - always useful for small jobs
purpose made track scrapers are strong and versatile - use them for digging, chopping and scraping; 300 x 70mm spring steel blades 7mm or 2mm thick, depending on nature of the digging - see illustration
spring steel crowbars 22mm in diameter, 2m long, chisel one end and plain the other are best for removing or relocating rocks
  Use the right tool for the job ...