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Establish routes by 'walking' over a contour
map of the area with a pair of dividers;
to achieve a rough 6(1:10) route, set dividers to
100 m on map scale and use that 'step' to 'climb' or
'descend' each 10 m contour
Survey - getting the track in the right place
identify the points the track must pass
alignment should:
- be oblique to the contours
- meet grade criteria
- achieve the above with minimum travel
- following drainage lines (tortuous) and ridge lines (track becomes a drain)
- creating corners; if unavoidable locate the track on natural plateaus or around natural features
- zig-zags (switchbacks); if unavoidable ensure that individual legs are as long as possible and unequal, in order to reduce the likelihood of short-cutting
  Err on the long side ...  
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