Other Classes not considered here
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Class 1 and Class 2 attractive to all-comers, but
expensive to establish
Class 1 and 2 (footpaths, walks) are typified by good urban footpaths, with hard surface, and generally 1800mm plus wide; Class 1 provides for wheelchair access, without steps and with grades of less than 3
Class 4 walking track, similar to Class 3 except that control of grade is limited to environmental and maintenance considerations i.e. walking surface must be stable but may be rough, rocky and steep
Class 5 route provides for guided parties or those who can navigate where tracks may be indistinct
Class 6 route provides for experienced walkers who have the skills to explore remote trackless areas
Multi-use trails are also excluded because provision for horses and bicycles is generally beyond volunteer resources
  ... high cost and hard work